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Z. Sierra · Antiques and Decorative Objects

Somos miembros de la Asociación de Anticuarios de MadridFounded more than 30 years ago, Z. Sierra- Antiques and Decorative objects, initiates its career in the art world focusing on the antique furniture and collector’s objects from Spanish origin, expanding their range of products to different styles and typologies developing through time equally inside Spain and outside of it.

Is our duty to recover pieces, objects that because of their artistic, decorative and functional values that may be of interest to collectors and lovers of the decoration field.

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We are members of the Asociación de Anticuarios de Madrid
Z. Sierra Antigüedades C/Lagasca 36 28001 Madrid


On this website you will find two main sections:

We offer a wide selection of antiques, from medieval to contemporary pieces. Furniture, sculpture, paintings and collector’s objects. This section is constantly updated with new acquisitions.

Holds recreation items inspired on classic models, from which the intention is merely decorative rather than artistic. In this section you will find more than 500 items from different categories.

· Bronze sculptures: A great variety of bronze sculptures realized on lost wax smelting.
· Porcelain objects and sculptures: Hand-made objects inspired in classic models from the 18th and 19th centuries.
· Furniture: Auxiliary furniture inspired in classic models..
· Marble sculptures: Classic models sculpted in marble, fountains, garden cups, busts, chimneys, architectonical elements, etc.
· Hard stone works: Diverse table models realized in marble and hard stones with the technique developed in Florence Italy since the Renaissance period to our days.
· Lighting: Selection of lamps and auxiliary lighting.
· Decorative complements: Sample of objects and decorative elements.

Decorative antiques
In this section, is shown a sample of antique pieces of minor relevance situated at a level more decorative and functional than artistic. It includes a wide variety of furniture, sculptures, paintings and other objects.


Z. Sierra Antigüedades
C/Lagasca 36 local 1
28001 Madrid
Pho./Fax. +34 914315812
Z. Sierra Antigüedades C/Lagasca 36 28001 Madrid
Located in the popular ‘Centro de Anticuarios Lagasca 36’ since 1984, is situated in Salamanca’s neighborhood. It represents one of the most important points of interest for the commerce of art in Madrid.

Z. Sierra Antigüedades y Decoración
Ctra. Nacional 1 km 185 (Finca Guimara)
09349 Fontioso - Burgos
Pho. +34 947183024
Z. Sierra Antigüedades y Decoración Ctra. Nacional 1 km 185 (Finca Guimara) 09349 Fontioso - Burgos
The storage and exhibition are located in an area of over 2.000 square meters, offering a full showcase of decoration and exhibition of antiques since 1996.

Antiques and Decorative Objects

C/Lagasca, nº 36
28001 Madrid (España)
Pho/Fax: +34.914315812

Ctra. A1 Km. 185 (Desv. Pineda-Trasmonte)
09349 Fontioso, Burgos (Spain)
Pho/Fax: +34.947183024

Pho./Fax: +34.914315812
Email: [email protected]