Antique Purchasing

We offer the possibility to our customers to sell their antiques and other pieces of art in a simple way. The sale can be carried out by our company in form of a direct purchasing or by managing the sale of your items through specific clients.

We will give you a personalized advice without additional cost about sales options, taking into account the possibilities in national and international markets. If the characteristics or relevance of your items won’t adapt to our necessities or from our clients, we would give advice about sale alternatives as well as an actual market estimate.

Our range of products includes:
· Sculpture,
· Paintings,
· Furniture,
· Collector items
(mainly from between 18th and 19th centuries.)

- Process:
1. Send pictures of your items to our e-mail address [email protected] indicating your name and phone number.
2. We will get in contact as soon as possible via e-mail with the corresponding information.

Antiques and Decorative Objects

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Pho./Fax: +34.914315812
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