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Reference: JBR1713

18 kt gold brooch with garnets. 18-karat gold brooch formed by a symmetrical composition based on bows and scrolls with a fine decoration in light relief of plant elements with a slight reminder of Neoclassical works. In the upper finish there is a circular faceted garnet, accompanied by three oval ones (the central one with gold pearls around it) in the central part (these highlighted thanks to the presence of other circular carved gems), and another one with a teardrop shape in the bottom. From this body hangs, thanks to four rings, two gold cords with links in the shape of scales, which end in separate tassels, recalling textile examples often used in curtains and other elements both in the 19th century and later. Jewelry with pendant elements joined together “in a trembling pattern” so that they move when attached or placed was common in 19th century jewelry, with the aim of adding some movement and avoiding the rigidity of the pieces, adding a touch of originality. to the compositions. At this time, the composition based on classicist plant elements accompanied by flowers and lacework was common. Comparing with the present example, this one is more reminiscent of models inspired by works that follow a style known as Neo-Renaissance for following the artistic style that was born in Italy in the 15th century, with those volutes and the powerful composition based on smooth shapes and volutes, Also responding to this relationship are the fine relief vegetal elements already mentioned. However, the chromatic combination achieved by the gems provides the softness required by the aesthetic taste of the time, without the striking contrasts more characteristic of the oldest jewelry that has been preserved. Weight: 19.4 grams.

· Size: 8x4 cms.

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