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Reference: JBR1113

Gold brooch (14kts) with pendant and 10 garnets. Lady's brooch made of 14-karat gold formed by a first oval piece, which is attached to the fabric, with an oval shape. The profile has been highlighted by a cord turned in gold, leaving a composition at the top: two plant shapes on the sides, leaving the center for a lobed line (reminiscent of a flower), which frames a composition with a garnet round faceted central, flanked by four smaller ones, which alternate with gold pearls, located on another smooth turned cord. From the lower part of this area hangs, “in tremblant”, another circular element formed by a disc decorated in fine relief and highlighted by a cord, which also has a central garnet surrounded by four other smaller ones, also alternating with pearls of gold. A pineapple shape hangs from this piece, completing the composition of the jewel, reminiscent of Neoclassical works from the 19th century. Weight: 10.92g.

· Size: 5,9 x 4,3 cms

550 €

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