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Reference: JBR2568

14kts gold brooch with garnet and diamond.
Oval brooch in 14 carat gold with an outer edge topped by a cord with gold pearls, decorated on the front with a composition based on curves that leaves smooth spaces for simplified plant motifs and two semicircles on the vertical axis of the smaller side that shelter other plant elements. In the center, framed by a band with laces and pearls in gold and with two small pearls on the major axis (in the triangular spaces that leave the curves already mentioned), a maroon is placed in cabochon, smooth, with a star eight points in the center of the gem (in turn, a diamond appears in the star), achieving a striking chromatic combination. The marked symmetry of the piece is reminiscent of works of jewelry made in the nineteenth century following the Neoclassical style.

Weight: 19.81 grams."

· Size: 4,6 x 3,6 cm.

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