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Reference: ZE103

Cameo. Victorian saddle, circa 1850.
Cameo with rose gold bezel made in shell (Cassius Cypraea, for that reason of the type known in the 19th century as "coral"), with a figure sitting in the clouds holding a jug and a bowl from which eats an eagle. The theme, inspired by the classical mythology of antiquity, is the personification of the youth, called Junventas or Juventus (his figure ended up being assimilated with that of the Greek goddess Hebe, who also personified youth and helped the gods by filling their glasses with nectar, hooked the horses of Hera, etc.), accompanied by the eagle of Jupiter (Greek Zeus). It is a very common theme in the jewelry of the nineteenth century, especially in cameos, as an emblem by antonomasia of the daughter diligent, caring and responsible. Weight: 7.83 grm"

· Size: 4x5x1 cms

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