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Reference: ZF0396

Reliquary with "Flagellation of Christ". Silver, enamel. Century XVI.
Oval reliquary pendant decorated on the outside with a ready stripe and elements in relief on the edge (with curved profiles and simple engravings), which has a chain of oval smooth links (all practically the same). In front and on the back it shows two figurative scenes with striking polychrome.
On the one hand, Christ is tied in the center of the composition, to a high column, being whipped by two sayones or soldiers with branches, following a customary composition in the sixteenth century. In the other, the protagonism is in a hollow of the pendant protected by glass (since it contains a relic, enhanced by a Latin cross), highlighted in the composition with rays of light and a beam of light; this element appears supported by an angel and surrounded by winged heads (habitual in the Renaissance) floating among clouds, and has been accompanied by San José with El Niño and La Vara Florida, and San Antonio de Padua (also with El Niño and a bouquet of flowers).
This type of jewelry always had a great value both for the materials in which they were made and for their religious content. Despite this (or perhaps because of this appreciation) not too many examples of quality and good conservation are preserved, being possible to find them only in important private collections and in prominent museums such as the Valencia Foundation of Don Juan in Madrid, the Museum National Decorative Arts of the same city, etc., or old religious centers such as the Convent of the Royal Descalzas de Madrid.
Weight: 160 gr"

· Size: 8x1x10 cms.

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