Decorative Antiques - Miscellaneous
Reference: Z0376

Writing desk. Bronze. XIX century. The four containers that make up the desk are placed on a tray with curved profiles decorated with moldings and scallops on its edges. The sandbox or sandbox, the duster and the inkwell have clear lines and smooth areas, combined with fine moldings resembling a cord; The oval box with a lid topped with a knob shows smooth moldings on its entire exterior surface. Although certain details (particularly the tray) could recall certain Rococo works of the 18th century, the attenuation of its movement, the decoration of the containers, the lines and the lack of prominent decorative elements would be more characteristic of the Neoclassicism of the centuries. XVIII and XIX, as is the inspiration in styles of the past and the combination of several currents in the same piece.

· Size: 25x18x11 cms.

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