Antiques - Miscellaneous / Bronze Mortars
Reference: Z1057

Mortar. Carved stone. Century XVIII. Mortar made of a single piece of carved stone that has a circular base and four worn handles or projections carved towards the outside of its body, in the shape of a cup. These types of pieces were created for use in pharmacies (which could be in a city, in a religious institution or in a hospital) or in a kitchen (of a large residence or, again, of a religious institution), not It is possible to further specify its purpose due to the lack of decorative elements and the usual nature of the model to which this piece belongs, with a long tradition in Europe. Similar specimens are preserved, for example, in the Museum of Hispanic Pharmacy of the Complutense University of Madrid, the Museum of the History of Pharmacy in Seville, the Museum of Pharmacy in Krakow, etc.

· Size: 73x73x45 cms.

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