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Reference: Z2627

Jug of Villafeliche, Aragon, 18th century.
Glazed Ceramics
Late baroque style jug made of ceramics and decorated with high temperature enamels on a white tin engobe. These enameled motifs are combined with relief decorations obtained by mold. The typology of the piece combines the Italian jug, with an ovoid belly and a vertical arc handle, with that of the typically Spanish beak jug, characterized by the protruding beak that starts from the mouth. The decorations reveal the oriental influence, with large floral bouquets arranged asymmetrically and complex landscapes with architectures and palm trees, in which some figures are removed, these are now totally western. The motifs are brushed in manganese black, and colored with ocher, blue, green and red enamels, mainly.
Aragonese pottery from the 17th to the 19th centuries will be characterized by a strong personality of its own, combined with the influences of Talavera and Catalonia. It will have three main centers: Teruel, Muel and Villafeliche, the first two with tradition since the 16th century, and the third one created at the end of the 17th century. Villafeliche's will generally be very popular pottery, although pieces of higher quality and complexity, both typological and ornamental, were also made in the 18th century."

· Size: 25x18x42 cms.

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