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Reference: ZAAWRT35 150X90

Rectangular table top in marbles and hard stones. Inspired by Italian models of the XVI-XVII centuries.

Two axes of flowers flanked by vegetal scrolls facing each other and with geometric arrangement have been placed in the center. This motif frames a white line that forms rhombs on the smaller sides, along with another blue line. To the outside, another band leaves squared spaces in the corners with simplified flowers and simple scrolls. A wide blue band and a narrower white band remain towards the outside.
The technique known as "hard stone work" resembles that of marquetry, but uses marbles of different colors and stones of a hardness greater than 6 on the Mohs scale instead of wood. He was born in Florence, with the attempt carried out by Piero de Medici and Lorenzo the Magnificent to revitalize a mosaic technique of Ancient Rome called "opus sectile". Such was the success, that the workshops multiplied throughout Europe, among which the Factory of Gobelins in France, the Royal Workshop of Naples (which took over from the Medici) and the one established at the Real Sitio de El Buen stand out Withdrawal from Madrid by Carlos III, which had the support of quality local specialists but was closed with Napoleon in 1808 and destroyed in 1812.
The objects made (desks, tables, vases, plates ...) showed at the beginning a great decorative variety, but, from around 1600, a clear protagonism of the naturalistic elements over the geometric ones was noticed: flowers, fruits, birds, pearls, butterflies ... This example is the heir of this tradition, as shown by comparing it with works such as the Madrid Prado table made by Francesco Ghinghi at the Real Laboratorio Delle Piedre Dure in Naples (catalog number O00511), or the board of the late sixteenth or early seventeenth century created in Rome (inventory 62.259) of the Metropolitan Museum in New York, or those preserved in the Opificio delle Pietre Dure Museum in Florence or the examples of the National Museum of Decorative Arts in Madrid. However, it is necessary to emphasize the update towards more contemporary tastes that can be appreciated in the geometric game made with the white and blue bands."

· Size: 150x90 cms.

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