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Reference: ZF0582

Framework. carved wood. End of the 17th century-beginning of the 18th century. Rectangular frame that presents a "base structure" of straight lines, combining moldings of different widths and finishes (inside, a golden band with fine plant details towards the corners; then a thin red one, and a wider green one, these two the latter imitating marble; on the outside, another fine golden molding), enhanced with a series of carvings of plant elements in the corners (symmetrical composition), two ovoid elements on the longest sides and a very elaborate crest with plant elements, rocailles, volutes, flowers and imitation of fabrics (which are united with those mentioned ovoid elements). The combination of red, green, and gold is common in certain types of frames (compare, for example, the Salamanca terracotta made around the mid-16th century by Juan de Juni in the Victoria and Albert Museum). A series of carvings with a lot of movement and depth have been added to it, showing Baroque influence (reminiscent in certain details of works such as the frame of the Immaculate Conception by Alonso Cano in the Cathedral of Malaga).

· Size: 138x28x196 cms, Int. 86x128 cms.

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