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Assumption of the Virgin Mary. Oil on Copper 17th century
Following models by Guido Reni (Bologna, 1575-1642).
Oil on copper that shows the Virgin Mary sitting on clouds, dressed in a red tunic and blue mantle, in a break of Glory in golden tones and surrounded by clouds and angels, musicians and singers, dressed in tunics, cloths, etc. and others naked, and represented both as small children and in the form of adolescents.
Iconographically, two main themes are mixed in the work: the Coronation of Mary (note the two angels located above the Virgin's head), and the Assumption (a doctrine developed in the Western Church from the 12th century, according to tradition by Saint Augustine, which later became a dogma of Faith, and which defends that, at the end of her life, Mary was taken to heaven, body and soul).
This oil painting is inspired by two works with the title “Coronation of the Virgin”, one kept in the Bonnat Museum in Baoyona (nicknamed “the Guide”) and another in the National Gallery in London. These, in turn, follow the composition of a painting in the Prado Museum in Madrid by the same master also titled “Coronation of the Virgin” and made around 1602 or 1603."

· Size: 59,5x4,5x77 cms. int 49,5x67 cms.

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