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Reference: ZE283

Jews in the desert collecting Manna. Oil on canvas. XVII century. Oil on canvas arranged horizontally showing a figurative subject with a mountainous landscape in the background. In the foreground, a series of figures have been placed, creating several planes and highlighting the two figures in the center with their postures and gestures; A little further towards the background, to the right, some tents and a series of “cut” figures appear. Note the presence of vases and other containers, decorated and with shapes of clear classicist influence. The iconographic series of Moses (Exodus) has a large number of themes, and one of them is that of the fall and collection of Manna in the desert, which had to take place before the sun melted this food that God gave to the people. Jews six days a week. Stylistically, note the anatomical study of the figures with their backs in the foreground, with which a space is created prior to the “protagonist” Moses, located raising his hand and looking towards the sky, and the variety of positions and the care of the composition, which results in a very clear work despite the number of figures present in it.

· Size: 208x6x154 cms.

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