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Reference: ZF1075

Guang Yu, Zhang Fei and Liu Bei. Watercolor. China, early 20th century. Framed painting showing three male figures, with text to the right side. The one who is reading and sitting on a throne covered with tiger skin, stands out above all for her beard, but also for her rich clothing. The two standing characters also wear rich (although somewhat less) clothing, and one carries a halberd or spear while another carries an object in his hands. Guang Yu was a military general under Lui Bei during the Late Eastern Han Dynasty and the Three Kingdoms Period of ancient China, and his life and achievements were so extolled and glorified that he was deified during the Sui Dynasty. emphasizing more his exploits in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms and becoming one of the main examples of loyalty and righteousness, receiving worship even today and receiving names such as “Emperor Guan” or “Lord Guan”. Along with Zhang Fei, he shared a brotherly relationship with Lui Bei, and accompanied him on some of his early exploits. Weight: 9kg.

· Size: 95,5x2x134 cms.

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