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Miniature with bronze frame in Neoclassical style (19th century). “Mrs. Smith (Charlotte Delaval) and her children (Jorge, Henry, Louisa and Charlote).” Following work by Sir Joshua Reynolds. Possibly, 19th century. Signed in the lower right corner (Reynolds). Rectangular frame arranged vertically that has a series of moldings with different decorations and a cape at the top of lacework, leaves and openwork flowers. Inside, it presents a band of fabric embroidered with plant elements, and also presents an ancient textile on the back to protect the work. The miniature in the center presents a background of a natural landscape (you can see some trees and an opening to the horizon to the right) and some figures in the foreground. A lady, elegantly dressed, raises a hand to her cheek; The three children, to his right, also appear dressed in gala clothes and playing with each other (two of them also look towards the viewer). The miniature is closely inspired by a painting currently kept in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. This is a portrait of “Mrs Smith (Charlotte Delaval) and her children (George, Henry, Louisa and Charlotte)” made by Sir Joshua Reynolds (Plympton 1723-London, 1792) in 1787 (Inventory 25.110.10). It is known that engravings were made of this painting (Francesco Bartolozzi in 1789; R. Josey in 1880) and that Samuel Shelley (1750/56-1808) made an oval miniature closely inspired by it (Lady Smith appears without a hat in the same) and which is in a private collection (sold by Sotheby's in London in 1977). The clearest changes in the miniature, compared to Sir Joshua's work, are the color of Mrs. Smith's dress, the children's face (more delicate), the landscape in the background, the general tone of the work and the addition of the flowers in the lower right corner. In another private collection there is a miniature (by the British Frank W. Wilkin) showing the three children of Sir Robert Smith and Lady Charlotte, also inspired by the painting by Sir Joshua Reynolds. Samuel Shelley was born in London, and was a largely self-taught artist, best known for his miniature watercolor portraits. He exhibited his work for the first time at the “Society of Artists” in 1773, entering the Royal Academy Schools a year later, an institution where his work received the influence of Sir Joshua Reynolds. Work by his hand is preserved in numerous private collections around the world such as the Yale Center for British Art, the National Portrait Gallery in London, the Royal Collection of the British Royal Family, the Metropolitan Museum in New York, etc. Francis William Wilkin, or Frank Wilkin (1791-1842) was an engraver specialized in painting portraits who began working with miniatures, although he also tried other genres.

· Size: 19x13 cms / 37x25 cms.

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