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Two-section wardrobe. Walnut wood. Spain, 18th century. Two-part wardrobe made of carved walnut wood that has doors (two pairs, top and bottom) and drawers (four, towards the center of the piece organized in pairs) and is slightly raised by disc-shaped legs. The upper part is finished off by a series of moldings of different widths (the largest with small fluted corbels, elements also present flanking the drawers); doors (with simple inlays or marquetry in lighter wood) and drawers are also highlighted by similar moldings; the corners of the door areas are highlighted by Solomonic columns with smooth capitals; Below, on the legs, another finial in the form of moldings, finer than the one at the top, frames the furniture. The sides have simple recessed carvings differentiating the different areas mentioned. The studied nature of the composition and its details (and therefore the quality) can be seen in the joints of the wood, in the care with which the elements are used (the door hinges are left out to provide a little more decoration), etc The presence of the Solomonic columns and the delicate use of the fluted corbels placed opposite each other to add a little more movement show the influence of Baroque on the cabinet. The general lines of the furniture correspond to a common composition in Spain (compare wastebaskets, the sacristy closet of the 18th century Burgos Cathedral, etc.), and the wood is also the most common in cabinetmaking in this country. Compare the piece with the archimesa in the Lázaro Galdiano Museum in Madrid (first half of the 17th century, note the corbels); the well-known paneled cabinets; Louis XIII style pieces (noting the usual differences); etc

· Size: 161x75x218 cms.

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