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Jug. Silver. FAXARDO, Antonio. Spain, Cadiz, 1787; rebranded in Italy (Naples). With contrast and chisel marks. Published in the Encyclopedia of Spanish and American Viceroyalty Silver. Bibliography: Fernández, Alejandro; Munoa, Rafael; Rabasco, Jorge. "Encyclopedia of Spanish and American Viceregal Silver". Second edition, corrected and enlarged. Torreangulo Graphic Art, Madrid, 1985. Page 121; image 235 on page 331. Silver jug in its color that presents a raised circular foot, a spherical body that tapers upwards and opens again towards the lid of the piece (which has an open spout, simple engraved decoration and a vegetal finish of branches with fruit). , and a curved handle decorated with clearly classical-inspired architectural and plant elements. This same influence can be clearly seen in the lines of the piece. Typologically, it is located within a habitual line of Neoclassical Spanish silverware from the 18th century that emerged in the capital of the Court (Madrid), a city from which it spread to other centers. Likewise, a certain memory of the Rococo is usually mentioned in some detail (the handle in the present case). The contrast marks that it presents are those of the town of Cádiz, that of the silversmith Antonio Faxardo (active between 1775 and 1789), a chronological mark (1787) and that of Naples (considered as a remark). Note that the Cádiz hallmark, the hallmark (illegible), the chronology hallmark (1786) and the silversmith Antonio Faxardo hallmark appear on a chalice in the Cathedral of Santander. In the mentioned book they identify the marks present in the piece, in addition to providing a photograph of it. Weight: 1008 grams.

· Size: 17x13x30 cms.

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