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Writing desk with four inkwells and a bell. Silver. Madrid, Platerías Martínez, 1819. With contrast markings. Silver writing desk in its color composed of a rectangular tray (raised on four claw-shaped legs and with smoothed corners), four containers (two with holes in the lids, two without) and a bell in the center. Both the decorative elements (very few in number) and the lines of the different elements respond to a clear influence of European Neoclassicist models. Contrast markings can be found on the bases of all four vessels and on the tray. These link the piece with the city of Madrid and with what is known as Platerías Martínez. The Royal Silver Factory of Martínez was founded in 1778, and marked the introduction in Spain of the industrial manufacturing method in the field of silver work and of neoclassical aesthetics in Spanish silversmithing. Likewise, it was one of the most important silversmithing centers in the history of Spain, and was characterized by the originality of its designs and the perfect finish of its pieces. Compare, for example, with the pieces preserved in the Madrid History Museum, although models similar to the present one are found in private collections. Weight: 2,239 grams.

· Size: 29x24x15 cms

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