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Arcon of three locks. Wood, leather, wrought iron. Around 1600
Rectangular flat top chest made of carved and covered wood, to the outside, with leather and wrought iron fittings (three bolts, corners, two handles, ornaments, hinges). Inside, it has a red cloth covering both in the body of the trunk and in the lid (area in which there is an embroidery based on geometric elements arranged in symmetrical composition, counting details lost).
The typology of the piece (rectangular box with flat lid) is one of the most common in the Spanish coffers and chests, being copies with this form already at the beginning of the Middle Ages. With regard to the use of textiles, it was common in Spain during the 15th century to manufacture chests lined to the outside and inside, usually red (the most expensive dyes were red and blue), both to enhance the piece and to protect the content. Covering the wood with leather outside was also common, again to enhance and protect the trunk.
As for the ironwork, the spear shape with lobes that show the wrought iron pieces refers to late Gothic examples with a Renaissance influence, with some more advanced forms. The three bolts have open shields decorated with waves and simplified plant elements, and the presence of the three in the same chest refers to a typology known as "de ayuntamiento" or "de council" (having three keys, it was necessary that the three authorities that had one would come together and agree to access the content, adding an element of security).
It is not usual that this type of pieces are kept in good condition, being able to find similar examples in some important private collections and in institutions such as the Museum of the Cathedral of Valencia, the City Hall of the Palacios and Villafranca, Historical Military Museum of Seville , etc."

· Size: 125x48x57 cms.

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