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Lyre leg table from the 17th century. Walnut wood, with wrought iron fasteners and one-piece top. Baroque-style lyre leg table, entirely made of walnut, with carved profile legs and a single-piece, rectangular, smooth profile tabletop. The legs present a mixtilinear cut, based on inlets and outlets of great dynamism and decorative sense, chiaroscuro even despite lacking carving, which speak to us of the typical taste of Baroque Europe. Thus, we see complex layouts that combine simple curves, edges and steps, creating shapes that are moving as well as regular and symmetrical, in the typical style of Baroque classicism. The legs are attached to the top through curved iron fasteners, typical of this type. The lyre leg tables have their origin in the Spain of Carlos II, during the second half of the 17th century. The simplest have a simple cut in the side legs, becoming completely carved in the models of peripheral centers. The fact that the top is left plain, without decoration, responds to the fact that the tables were dressed in rich fabrics, which fell, hiding practically the entire table. Thus, in the less wealthy houses, which could not afford to dress the tables luxuriously, the decoration had to focus on the legs, and that is why they were carved. Inspired by the tables of classical Antiquity (marble and with transversal supports), they have two lateral supports that can be disassembled to transport the furniture, and that can have a lyre or vase profile.

· Size: 192x102x84 cms.

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