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Chest of drawers in walnut wood with carved decoration. Spain, 17th century.
Cabinet of three very deep drawers with the lower one more, on rectangular legs and with top board straight in wood, slightly protruding. Each of the drawers features two wrought iron handles.
The sides have been decorated with simple quadrangles of rectangular moldings, while the drawers have been carved in relief: the upper, with vines, vines and leaves; The center with fleshy vegetable scrolls; The bottom with three plates, the sides with a central rhombus and flowers in the corners, and the central one with a rose framed by a cord of three knots in each side crimped in two keys. It is these sizes, besides the depth of the drawers, the horizontality of the composition and lines and the top board straight which makes us think of the use of furniture in a sacristy to keep the liturgical clothes appropriately and also indicates that there may have been Was commissioned by a Franciscan institution (note the typical cord with the knots) dedicated to St. Peter (by the two keys of the corners). Although it does not have the usual back paneling since the sixteenth century, it does have the front with carvings with volume, typical of the XVII, and decorative elements typical of the Baroque, in addition to some memories of previous furniture (quarters in the lower zone). The size and quality of the assembly of the boards (note the tongue and groove of the corners) shows that they were relevant works, intended for religious environments.
The boxes on the sides are reminiscent of those of the central chest of the Pre-Cathedral of Avila. As in the sacristy of the Cathedral of Murcia, the fronts are the ones that present sizes in this example, which are similar to those of the refectory table in the collection of the Marquis of Santo Domingo (Madrid). More frequent, however, are the ones that present the simplest fronts, although, by direct influences, examples can be found that demonstrate the popularity of this prototype as the chest of drawers of the Old Convent of San Francisco de La Habana (Cuba)."

· Size: 175x105x112 cms.

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