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"À abattant" secretary. Fine woods, marquetry, interior with drawers in rosewood and textile, gilt bronze and enameled porcelain; Marble envelope Signed HYPPOLYTE-EDME PRETOT (Paris, 1812-1855). XIX century.
Secreter with top cover in marbled light marble and rectangular floor plan, with a base of curved hems and rounded corners highlighted with a diamond marquetry and gold metal applications of classicist souvenir. The sides are decorated with diamond plumeados in the wood in the central area, separated by two gilded bronze moldings that extend along the three fronts; at the top, the same compositional scheme is repeated. The front front concentrates the decoration: a composition framed by plumeado based on flowers and plant elements in a delicate marquetry for each of the drawers that, in the door, is highlighted by a bronze molding and accompanied by an enameled porcelain plate . This presents two cupids in a celestial background, in addition to a frame in this same metal. Opening this door, you discover a small desk with a cover upholstered in fabric and four drawers flanking a central space, located under another rectangular space. The corners of the furniture, in addition, have classicist and grotesque dolphins of children with the lower half of the body transformed into plant elements and scrolls.
The furniture presents a firm linked to Hippolyte-Edme Pretot, a Parisian cabinetmaker who settled on Rue de l'Abbaye in 1836, moved to Rue Saint-Germain in 1841 and, since 1846, to Rue de Harlay. He showed some of his best works at the Exposition Nationale de France in 1849 and at the Great Exhibition in London in 1851 he won a Medal.
It is possible to compare the present example with the lines of a “cabinet” Napoleon III in “pietra dura”, ebonized wood and overdosed bronze that has been dated to 1850 and is preserved in a private collection, similarities that can be appreciated by comparing the elements in bronze of both furniture. It is possible to contemplate some works of the teacher, or attributed to him, at the Dayton Art Institute (United States), at the Musée des Arts Dècoratifs in Paris, at the Luxembourg Embassy in The Hague, in the National Heritage collection of Spain, etc."

· Size: 80x44x109 cms.

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