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Brazier. Wrought iron. Spain, 13th-14th centuries. It has restoration on a handle. Rear grill. Reference: "The art of the ferro". Barcelona: Santiago Rusiñol, 2007, p. 151, image 137. Brazier made of wrought iron that consists of a circular base, three flat legs, a body formed by two flat rings joined by vertical sections decorated with simple facing scrolls, and two handles at the top similar to the sections and ending in washers. Inside, it has an iron grill dated later than the rest of the piece and has a restoration on a handle. It is very similar to another wrought iron brazier dated between the 12th and 13th centuries that is currently in a private collection; Also compare with the rectangular one of the Episcopal Museum of Vic dated to the 14th century. The spirals that form the decoration of the piece are frequently called “curl irons”, and are an element very often used in the few examples of Romanesque ironwork and iron work that we preserve, and, for this reason, they will be elements that are They will continue in the forging works during later centuries in Spain (the Romanesque model with its volutes lasts well into the 15th century, with some variations). For example, the bars of the Church of Santa María del Camino or the Market in León or the one that has been placed in the choir in the church of San Vicente in Ávila, or those preserved in the Diocesan Museum of Jaca (Huesca). As it is a work carried out with a utilitarian purpose, the lack of decorative elements is normal, as is the transformation of the decoration into functional parts of the brazier. The examples of Romanesque braziers that have come down to us are even rarer than those made of grating. One is preserved in the Diocesan Museum of Tarragona and another in the possession of the Junta de Castilla, both square but with the same type of spirals, and some more in important museums and collections such as the National Archaeological Museum, in the Cathedral of Tarragona, etc. . Weight: 7.5kg.

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