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Catavinos or scrapie. Silver in its color. Spain, 16th century. With contrast marks, Illegible. Cup without stem or handles, made of silver in color and with a circular base, a curved edge towards the outside and a concave center upwards on the inside, which presents an embossed decoration based on plant elements (flowers on the edge, different ones towards the center around a central floral motif and alternating with rectangular motifs), veneered shapes (interspersed with flowers on the edge) and a small band of stars towards the edge of the piece. At this end, it presents a partially frustrated contrast mark, in which the letters “AIEB” can still be read followed by a rectangular motif located vertically. This type of drinking glasses, sometimes also known as bernegales, were used on special occasions (ceremonies...), hence their material and the decoration they have, and were very common during the reign of the Austrians in Spain. Although they were objects for civil use, it was not unusual for them to be donated or commissioned for use in churches or liturgical settings. Similar examples can be found in very few private collections and only in a few important museums. For example, similar bernegales from the 16th century are preserved in the Fundación Valencia de Don Juan (Madrid), and those from the 17th century are somewhat more abundant, as demonstrated by those in the Lázaro Galdiano Museum (inventory 3910 and 3916).

· Size: 16x16x2 cms.

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