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Wardrobe from the first half of the 18th century. Oak and walnut woods. Wardrobe made of oak and walnut, decorated with extensive carving and molding work. With an architectural structure inspired by contemporary baroque architecture, it is organized into two streets and three registers, and is topped at the top by a projecting cornice with a central sinuous pediment. The entire structure appears rigorously organized through regular straight lines, which affect the differentiation of each of the different parts of the structure, following a purely classical criterion, typical of the baroque even in its most ornamental aspects, according to which the decoration must adapt always to the structure, without ever exceeding it, so that its main lines are perfectly legible, as well as the relationship of proportion and balance of the parts among themselves and with respect to the whole. Following this idea, we see the front divided into two streets and three registers, and the latter have their continuation on the sides, with in this case only molded recesses, without the carving visible on the front, although highlighted by the work of volumes and contrasts. lighting, typically baroque, achieved through the simple use of moldings and steps. In the lower register we see two doors, each with its shield lock cut out with a double fleur-de-lis. Its design is organized around a central mixtilinear cavity, typically baroque, carved inside with a rockery crest that already speaks to us of the knowledge of Rococo, although in the furniture, both at a structural and ornamental level, the language still dominates. baroque. The perimeter of recesses and protrusions of this central recess is repeated, with increasingly complex lines, drawn using moldings very high with respect to the background, which provide the contrast and chiaroscuro typical of baroque furniture. In addition, the central area is highlighted by very bulky carvings based on vegetal scrolls, scallops and rockery crests. The middle register, still belonging to the lower body at a visual level, houses two drawers of the same size and design, which combine diamond-tipped recesses with golden hardware decorated by chiseling. Finally, the upper body also has two doors, like the lower one with its locks, and in fact follows an ornamental scheme similar to that of the lower doors, although more developed and with a vertical design. We also see here vegetalized rockeries and braces, combined with a profuse molding of dynamic lines, typically baroque. As a finishing touch, under the cornice and in the central area, a stepped motif appears that is organized around the lines of two sinuous pediments, combined with floral and classic carved motifs.

· Size: 155x76x267 cms.

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