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Asterio Mañanós Martínez began his painting studies at the Municipal School of Drawing of Palencia with Justo María de Velasco and, from 1877, at the San Fernando School of Fine Arts in Madrid, in the classes of Casto Plasencia and Casado del Alisal . He also frequently visited the Prado Museum, making copies of Velázquez. Starting in 1881, he participated in the National Exhibitions of Fine Arts. His stay alternated between Madrid and Palencia, where he was commissioned to create the curtains and backstage for the Teatro de Recreo Palentino. In 1885 he received a pension from the Provincial Council of Palencia to expand his pictorial training at the Royal Academy of Spain in Rome, which lasted a year. Back in his hometown, he decorated, together with Sabino Ojero, the Teatro de la Peña Palentina. He also opened, in collaboration with Isidro Mallol, a drawing academy, called "Casado del Alisal" in honor of his teacher. He moved to Paris in 1889 for a year to study under the brush of Léon Bonnat's pictorial realism. Returning to Spain, she established her workshop in Madrid, where Doña Sancha painted in front of her husband's corpse and the portrait of Tomás Bretón. Starting in 1908, the Senate Government Commission appointed him conservator of the works of art of the Upper House. The result of this experience are the great parliamentary paintings that have the sessions and halls of the Senate as their theme. One of his last canvases was an allegory of the Second Republic, the painting belongs to the Senate collection. The place and circumstances of his death are unknown, it is known that he was alive in 1935.

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