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Reference: Z6786

"Abraham repudiating Hagar." According to VAN RIJN model, Rembrandt (Leinden, 1606 - Amsterdam, 1669). Framed miniature. Century XVIII.
The scene is situated in an idealized landscape. In the first place, a venerable old man, richly attired (blue tunic, yellow belt and red coat with ermine, with a colorful turban to match), goes, indicating the act with his hands, towards a woman who covers her face, showing so the artist his grief. She is accompanied by a child, with her back to the viewer, and carries a series of packages and a pot, suggesting a trip. To the left, in humble architectures, there is an old woman leaning out to see the scene, smiling, while a young child does the same as her, opening a wooden door from which a small dog runs.
It shows a story of Genesis. The story tells that Sara accepted that Abraham obtained offspring thanks to an Egyptian slave, Agar, a union from which Ishmael was born. However, when Sarah had Isaac through a miracle, she convinced Abraham to expel Sara and her son.
The anecdotal detail of presenting Sara smiling, the dog, Sara's grief, etc. it can also be appreciated in the painting of the same theme of the flamenco Pieter-Jozef Verhaghen (1728-1811), in which Abraham also appears with red mantle and turban, but the composition and environment differ; in the painting by Jan Victors from around 1635 (Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest), with Sara and her son smiling; etc. However, some Rembrandt drawings (Rembrandt's Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art from Cornell University, two from Rembrandt's hand, are preserved, this institution has another, probably eighteenth-century and anonymous but very similar, and there is another from the artist's hand in the Metropolitan Museum) made in 1637 those of the master who follow, almost point by point, the present work except, logically, in the colorful and in the background, where the architectures of the baroque master are replaced by a landscape."

· Size: 15,x18,5 / 28x30 cms.

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