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"Fiesta andaluza", oil on tablex, Jean-Louis Paguenaud (1876-1952).
Signed and dedicated ("cantatrice Dupré") in the lower right corner.
Jean-Louis Paguenaud is the pseudonym of Jean-Philippe Paguenaud (1876-1952). He lived during his childhood in Algiers, where he discovered the sea. When he moved his father to Limoges, he studied here at the School of Decorative Arts and worked in a porcelain factory. He expanded his training with William Bouguereau, entering the world of the seas and made numerous trips to Martinique and North Africa, which he captured in gouaches and drawings, which he exhibited in 1905 in the Hall of the Independents. His brother Joseph-Louis died in combat in 1914 and, to honor his memory, decided to sign his work with one of the deceased's names. Named Official Painter of the French Navy in 1922, he lived for a time in Paris before returning to Limoges. He was part of a well-known trip on the boat "Lamotte-Piquet", which took him to South Central America. In his career, there are three periods: the training (1876-1902), the "Orientalist" (1902-1921) and a third (1921-1942), when he is already an official painter of the Navy; He made some more works between 1942 and 1952. His work can be seen in important private collections and in museums such as the Marina de Paris, the Naval School of Bourdeaux, the City Council of Coussac-Bonneval, etc.
It shows in the present work an exterior, a square of an Andalusian town, with a large number of characters dressed in the regional costume of the area celebrating a great party. The movement is provided by couples and groups dancing in the center, an orchestra on the left, diners on the right and several couples mounted on horseback throughout the composition. All this scene shares the protagonism with the landscape: the facade of a church stands before a house and an old bridge, with a mountain in the background under a blue sky.
You can clearly see several features of Paguenaud's work: light, which he would take from Algiers and all his travels; the compositional mastery with which he knows how to place a large number of figures; the blue sky, which is also seen in its marinas, etc. Likewise, it is necessary to emphasize the originality of the oil in the artistic career of the painter for its theme."

· Size: 233x5x175 int 213x152 cms

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