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Reference: ZE193

Catavinos or scrapie. Silver. Century XVIII.
No contrast marks. With property initials.
Container known as catavinos or tembladera with two curved flat handles decorated with simplified plant elements, and a line of morsels (glued shapes) on the edge enhanced by bands of recessed spots that remain in relief inside the piece, where they are extended and framed the decoration of the background. In this area there is a Greek cross flordelised or florenzada in bright smooth finish with the letters "RA" engraved (property initials), highlighted on a bottom of pitted points.
The bernegales and scrapie bites were frequent pieces in Spanish silverware of the seventeenth century, being usually relegated to centers of somewhat less importance in the eighteenth century. Compare pieces such as the silver bernegal of the last third of the 17th century of the Lázaro Galdiano Museum (perhaps of Portuguese school, inventory 3916), or the date between 1640 and 1665 of the same museum (inventory 3910), or that of José Jiménez de Illescas (inventory 3915, dated 1715-1725) in the same institution. Weight: 94 gr."

· Size: 13,5x10,5x4,5 cms

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