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Reference: ZE244

Naveta. Silver. Possibly Portugal, eighteenth century.
Base with counterweight. With contrast marks.
Naveta with oval foot decorated with relief elements and moldings, balustrade foot and body with light boat shape, presenting a hinged lid in the front, a widening in the lower area towards the foot and a decoration distributed throughout the exterior base of rockery motifs and plant elements (the same theme is presented on the foot and base) on a background of chopped luster, with an angel's head on two wings in relief towards the peak, accompanied by plant elements (the which protrude from the edge of the lid).
Although the shape of the piece follows in general lines the most usual prototypes in these incense containers used in the liturgy, it is necessary to indicate that it was more frequent to find them more similar to a ship. The naveta's belonging to the influence of Rococo is clear both for the lines of the object and for the decoration to which reference has already been made (pebbles, plant elements with movement, volutes with pronounced curves, contrasts between concave and convex lines ... ), as well as it is possible to find some points in common with Portuguese works (presents an auction with an angel head in relief a silver naveta with a spoon by Leandro Gagliardi made in Rome between 1744 and 1750 that is preserved in the Museum of Sao Roque of Lisbon in Portugal, compare with the silver-plated censer that the same master made between 1749 and 1751 for the Chapel of San Juan Bautista of the Church of San Roque in Lisbon). The contrast marks present in the upper part of the naveta (the "capitalized" letters in a rectangular space), although it should also be noted that this work does not follow the most striking typology of navetas related to this center (naveta de 18th century silver from the Church of Alcántara de Maranhao, Brazil; naveta by Sebastiao Bernardes dos Santos, dated 1747 from Sé do Funchal, which is kept in the Museu de Arte Sacra Do Funchal in Madeira - Portugal -) Weight: 715 gr (base with counterweight)."

· Size: 19x9x14 cms.

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