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Pair of vases. Glass. Bohemia, Czech Republic, 19th century. Pair of red glass vases decorated with areas of white enamel and spaces in gold, enhancing the two female busts (practically portraits on an indefinite background) that both pieces present on their fronts. The two raised handles finished in a circle present a fine decoration of simplified plant elements; the glass shows decoration of the same type, but with a different influence (more classicist); the busts have been enhanced by means of golden frames and dark lines of clear classicist reminiscence; the white areas (with plant forms) have golden lines. Both pieces show remarkable similarities both in the quality of the color of the glass and of the decoration as well as in the lines of the same, with outstanding red Bohemian glass urns, especially with works linked to Ludwig Moser & Söhne. Moser is a company that manufactures luxury glass objects located in Karlovy Vary (Czech Republic; formerly Karlsbad in Bohemia) that continues its work today (it was born in 1857, founded by Ludwig Moser), and is highly appreciated throughout the world. of art for his works from the late 19th and 20th centuries. Although Bohemia was a region known for its glass production as early as the 13th century (particularly when they discovered that adding potassium created a colorless glass that was clearer and more stable than Italian), this activity became popular in the 19th century. XVII (although the term "Bohemian" or similar was used a hundred years before to differentiate quality glass from this source), and stood out above all in the 19th and 20th centuries thanks to important manufacturers for the quality of their materials and techniques and care in their designs. By the middle of the 19th century they already had a system for teaching glassmaking, and in the second half they exported very striking pieces in large quantities (usually pairs of glasses or vases of a single color in opaque glass or two colors, decorated with with floral enamel elements, painted details; sometimes lithographic techniques were used to copy famous paintings and translate them into works; etc.) created in large factories and in large quantities.

· Size: 15x13x41 cms.

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