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Courtiers and cage. Glazed porcelain. Johann Joachim model. around 1800 Enamelled porcelain figurine with a base resembling rocks and a couple of lovers dressed in the manner of the 18th century, with the boy reaching out with his left hand towards a large bird cage. The piece is very similar to some figures titled "Lovers with a Cage" made by Du Paquier (who opened a porcelain factory in Vienna in 1719) in 1737 and examples of which are preserved in the Metropolitan Museum of New York or the Indianapolis. Museum of Art. In turn, Du Paquier took his inspiration from works carried out in Meissen thanks to Johan Joachim Kaendler around 1736-1740 (varying in details such as the substitution of the table that the German women have for the Viennese cage in some examples , or colors, for example). If this work is compared with the works of Du Paquier, notable similarities can be seen in postures, elements, etc., but also important differences (color, details, base of the figure...).

· Size: 14x12x13 cms.

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