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Reference: ZF0207

Table clock. Ormolu. XIX century.
Table clock made of gilded bronze with a powerful base, enhanced with legs decorated with plant and architectural motifs of classicist inspiration and a series of details on the front (volutes in the chamfered corners, scrolls and a center with a globe from which radiates light and a parchment, with inscriptions in both), as well as bands of simple architectural elements and smooth spaces to enhance those decorations. On this pedestal has been placed a parchment for the sphere (white, with Roman numerals for the hours and lines for the minutes, breguet-type needles), surrounded by a garland. In this area a male figure is placed, dressed in suits reminiscent of the Renaissance, holding a drawn sword; In addition, a series of elements have been placed on the part of the sphere (a globe, documents with cursive texts in French, etc.).
The allusion to the sciences is clear when presenting at such a prominent point the documents with the respective texts and the sphere. The detail of the sword refers to the war. Thus, it would be a figure that would unite wisdom and action, uniting in the gentleman of a certain age both, as it should be in a ruler or people of a certain social class.
The best examples of bronze table clocks were made in France during the 19th century, or so it was considered. This is due to the care with which it was organized and legislated the manufacture of applications and elements in bronze, the gold bronze technique to mercury, and the participation in the creation process of front-line artists who were in charge of the designs of the figures and decorative motifs (likewise, it was not unusual to make figures inspired by or more directly copying great works of Art History). The resulting clocks were much appreciated, being destined to decorate interiors of palaces and residences.
Machinery in working order."

· Size: 43x17x55 cms.

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