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peace bearer Silver in its color and gilt. Century XVI. Peace holder made of silver that has a handle (decorated with delicate plant motifs similar to those of the pilasters) and a female bust and a male bust at the bottom, as well as other architectural elements on the back, and, on the front, an architectural composition basement (with busts flanking a flower, and a cross), two pilasters (vegetable decoration and capital recalling the composite order) with entablature (flowers flanking an angel's head; mouldings), and a semicircular arch finish with venerated elements in low relief cross and flanked by two architectural motifs at the top. This composition frames and enhances a silver-gilt relief where you can appreciate the Lament or Weeping over the Body of Christ, with the Virgin holding the head of Jesus, Saint John at her side, the Magdalene and other characters, a cross after the group and a landscape background with houses and plant elements. This mentioned architectural structure is similar to the one present in other 16th century portapaces, such as the one in the parish of Magdalena de Dos Hermanas (Hernando de Ballesteros el Mozo, around 1575); or that of the parish of Galaroza (same author and date); or that of the peacekeeper of San Miguel de Jerez de los Caballeros (in some details); etc. As for the relief, it is possible to clearly see a strong Italian influence, and the similarity between it and important pieces such as the Portapaz known as "de Cisneros de Juan de Burgos (1493-1497; Alcalá de Henares Cathedral Museum), as well as in paintings and reliefs. We must also highlight both the male and female busts in the lower area as well as the Maltese cross (or Saint John's) that appears in this area. This symbol was used since the 12th century as an insignia by the Knights Hospitallers of the Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, also known as the Order of Malta since Emperor Charles V gave him this island as a fief in the 16th century. Weight: 507 grams.

· Size: 10,5 x 4 x 21 cms

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