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Reference: Z5907

Eastern boat rudder, late 18th century - early 19th century.
Carved wood and brass.

East boat rudder of English influence, made in brass and wood carved with great quality. The top of the rudder is worked in round bundle, taking the shape of a greyhound's head with stylized features. The greyhound is a typical motif of the English decorative arts of the time, but its essential treatment, long and sinuous lines reminds us that this is a piece of oriental invoice. In fact, the central area of \u200b\u200bthe rudder appears completely carved with the figure of a dragon coiled around the mast. This mythical animal represents the power of change of nature, the Tao, in addition to the concept of yang (male), and is related to time as the propitiator of rain and water. Likewise, it is often used as a national symbol of China, and actually featured on the national flag until the end of the Qing Dynasty. Here he is represented with great attention to detail, evidencing a virtuosity typical of oriental ornamental sculpture: we see each of the scales of the dragon, and even the ripples of water under his body, leaves between which nothing ...
The lower third of the rudder appears almost totally undressed, showing a slightly curved smooth profile. At its end is decorated with a simple recess, with a geometric motif in two planes.

· Size: 10x10x160 cms.

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