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Reference: Z6810

Clerkship. Córdoba, Antonio José de Santa Cruz (Córdoba, 1733 -) and Juan de Luque y Leiva, 1773.
With contrast and chisel marks.
It has some fault in some container and a bell is added.
Silver notary composed of tray, four containers and bell. The first element, of oval shape, presents edges with smooth curves and countercurves, decorated in the upper part with flat moldings, combined with volutes and aveneradas forms; stands on legs composed of two volutes flanking a tear, set topped by a symmetrical composition. The four containers, with a lid, present profiles with soft curves (among which engraved initials can be seen), which are directed towards the upper part following parallel spirals between each other, lines that extend into the caps, finished off. Two of them, smaller, have holes in the lids. The bell to summon the service, which has a space for itself in the tray, presents a much simpler lines.
Contrast markings arranged at various points in the game provide data regarding their date, origin and place of creation. They would be made in Córdoba. Antonio José de Santa Cruz was a silversmith known for his work in Córdoba, active in the second half of the eighteenth century mainly; his works are preserved in some churches and in outstanding institutions such as the National Museum of Decorative Arts of Madrid. Juan de Luque y Leiva was a reputed Cordovan marker, active towards the same time, with work preserved in the area (Parish of San Miguel de Córdoba, a portavinajera with vinajeras in Loja of 1778, works in the Museum of the Costume of Madrid, etc. .).
Stylistically, the lines of the whole (except those of the bell), show the belonging to the Rococo, with the usual influence of certain details of Neoclassicism, which affect the relative simplification of the decoration of the pieces, still maintaining something of the movement of the other artistic style mentioned, which is also characteristic of the eighteenth century. Weight: 1490 grams."

· Size: 26x30x15 cms.

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