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Cordoban save in silver, 1759-1768. With marks. Weight: 820g. Rococo style silver save, with punches from Córdoba and the marker Bartolomé Gálvez y Aranda. It has a high, stepped foot, with a circular base, adorned with incised grooves and other simple classical motifs, already announcing the change in language towards neoclassicism. However, the plate itself is still clearly Rococo, with a profile of mitered curves that translate into edges on the eaves. Bartolomé Gálvez y Aranda was a silversmith, although he worked as a marker between 1759 and 1772, using for this work the punch that we see here: his surname in capital letters, in a very oblong trapezoidal frame and surmounted by a fleur-de-lys in a trilobed projection. Gálvez y Aranda added the chronological mark to this punch from 1768, so this salvo would be dated between 1759 and 1768. It is also a particularly interesting piece because it comes from Córdoba, the main center of Spanish silversmithing of the Rococo period, whose workshops produced high-quality religious and secular pieces, destined for clients not only local but from the entire Iberian Peninsula, even reaching the Canary Islands and Latin America. The great diffusion of Córdoba silversmithing will take place, in fact, in the last quarter of the 18th century, through the so-called master fair silversmiths. These characters acted as trade brokers, according to Pérez Grande, visiting churches and fairs held throughout the country. The activity of these fair silversmiths was also favored by tax exemptions.

· Size: 32x32x13 cms.

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