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Set of four Jorge III sauce boats. Silver. Henry Chawner (act. 1786-1796), 1790. Each of them has an oval base, with fine moldings that are repeated both on the edge of the sauce boat, visually extended by the curved line of the two handles, and on the top of the lid, in the shape of a vase. There are hardly any more decorative elements on the pieces, apart from those already mentioned and a series of elements engraved on the lids (bull heads with necks) and on the front of the sauce boats. In this area there is a motto in Latin (“Fide et amore”, “fidelity and love”) under a heraldic shield in each one (three bull heads, two above and one below, separated by a rafter; two rampant lions flanking a diagonal band on the escutcheon of the same). The lines and elegance of the pieces are typical of the George III style. The heraldry is very reminiscent of that of the Boleyn, Bullen or Boleyn family, descendants of Anne Boleyn. The motto would allude to a game commissioned for a wedding. In the year 1790 William Bullen and Mary Collins were married in the Irish branch of the family, although it is not the only event of that year (Henry Bullen and Margaret Tarrent in the diocese of Cloyne…). Contrast marks provide numerous piece data. The passing lion places the production in London, while the two initials refer to Henry Chawner; the lowercase letter gives the exact year; the leopard head certifies the quality of the material. The silversmith, still in operation, called Edward Barnard & Sons Ltd., has a number of predecessors: it was founded by Anthony Nelme around 1680, and, following a succession of master silversmiths, the business was improved by Henry Chawner in 1786, master of the successor to the family that was running the business at the time (Eduard Barnard I) and who continued with the business. He was active between 1786 and 1796, and the surname of this master remained linked to the firm until the end of the 18th century in several of his relatives. His works are currently preserved in English and American private collections, mainly, but also in prominent institutions such as the George Washington's Mount Vernon Museum (Virginia, United States), which has an inkwell by George Washington's Henry Chawner, the Scoteney Castle in Kent, the Victoria & Albert in London, the Portland Art Museum, etc. Weight: 2110 grams.

· Size: 14x10x23 cms.

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