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Circular wing table. Carved oak wood. Possibly Spain, 18th century. Circular wing table made of carved oak wood that has a series of legs joined by chambranas, which have a decoration of channels and small discs, contrasting with the mere undulating shapes of the edges of some of the legs of the furniture and the curve of the upper area of the spaces left in the fronts when the wings of the table are folded. The simplicity of the piece links it more with the utilitarian furniture of prominent residences than with examples intended for main pieces. However, the decorative elements indicated show a clear influence of Neoclassicism and a certain air of Baroque, a mixture somewhat common in 18th century Spanish furniture. Note that the decoration focuses on the lower part of the furniture due to the custom of dressing the tables with rich fabrics to enhance them even more. Although walnut wood was often used in old Spanish furniture, oak specimens are not too rare, as it is a wood with a showy grain, abundant at the time and resistant. Examples similar to the present one have been preserved in prominent residences and in important collections such as the Museum of Decorative Arts of Madrid, the Lope de Vega House Museum (slightly earlier specimens), National Heritage Collections, etc.

· Size: 154x141x77 cms.

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