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Ceiling lamp in bronze and carved and modeled colorless glass with thirty lights. Late nineteenth century. It is attached to the ceiling by a hook hidden by a crown with stems, from which the central axis of the lamp starts, made of glass in the shape of a double baluster. From this come the arms, made of gilded bronze, decorated with architectural and plant elements. The lights feature candle-shaped bulbs. Beads of various shapes have been placed throughout the surface (rectangular, octagons, stars, teardrops and pinjantes with mixtilinear profiles) joined by discreet metal hooks. It is necessary to highlight the variety of shapes and the quality of the colorless glass. The profiles of some beads (teardrops, polygons, pinjantes) are found in both Bohemian and other French works and in most of the Royal Glass and Crystal Factory of La Granja de San Ildefonso (Segovia, Spain) due to their great popularity. in these ways. The stars or little flowers are much rarer in the preserved examples. The mastery of carving can be seen in the profiles and in the fineness of the modeling of the shaft. While the decorative elements of the bronze clearly show influences of Neoclassicism, the glass work is reminiscent of the so-called “Maria Teresa lamps”, works based on those commissioned by the Empress Maria Theresa for her coronation in the factories of the Bohemian area of the Czech Republic in 1743. This typology spread rapidly throughout Europe, varying the designs, and serving as an example in the main glass factories until today. Although it clearly differs from the work done in Murano (Italy), the chandelier follows a tradition that has its roots in Bohemia and its continuation in France, where as much attention was devoted to gilded bronze as to glass and whose examples it resembles. something else the spider. Similar lamps can still be found in very prominent residences such as the Palacio de Fernán Núñez (Madrid), Palacio de Viana (Córdoba), National Museum of Decorative Arts (Madrid), Palacio Paz (Buenos Aires, Argentina), Louvre Museum (Paris) , etc.

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