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Pair of catavinos. Silver. XVII century. Pair of glasses or cups for drinking wine made of silver in their color that have a small, low cylindrical foot, a curved edge towards the top and a central area curved upwards, which has been decorated with a composition based on motifs geometric embossed in stripes and around a central element. These types of glasses were used on special occasions (ceremonies...), hence their material and the decoration they have, and were very common during the reign of the Austrians in Spain. Although they were initially objects for civil use, it was not unusual for them to be donated or commissioned for use in churches or liturgical settings, and they were also frequently used in notable festivals (Corpus, pilgrimages, etc.). The shape of the pair is a good example of the attachment to certain previous traditions that occurred in Spanish silversmithing during the 17th and 18th centuries, especially in certain production centers. Weight: 435 grams.

· Size: 18x18x5 cms.

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