Decoration - Porcelain
Reference: S4655

Vase. Cobalt blue and gold bronze porcelain.
Cobalt blue enameled porcelain vase with details enhanced in gold and a figurative theme in the center of the piece, which has been highlighted with gold bronze appliques in the manner of handles, finish, pieces and base, all decorated with motifs of marked classical influence. It is clear the inspiration of the Factory of Sévres (France) in the work, both in the tone of the porcelain (cobalt blue) and in those golden details, the figurative scene (concert in an interior of marked Rococo air) and the decorative motifs (Vegetable scrolls, figurative elements, garlands, details reminiscent of the Rococo of the eighteenth century, etc.), showing an important relationship with French models of the nineteenth century, mainly."

· Size: Altura 135 cms.

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