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Silver Catavinos, sixteenth century.
Catavinos of "cup" type with vegetal motifs inside a six-pointed star in the background and with a cylindrical base decorated with circular geometric borders. Also known as catavinos, this type of drinking glasses were used on special occasions (ceremonies ...), hence their material and the decoration they have, and were very common during the reign of the Habsburgs in Spain. Although they were objects of civil use, it was not strange that they were donated or ordered for use in churches or in liturgical areas.
Both the decoration and the shape of the glass show the origin of the same artistic core away from the main silversmith centers. The first, moreover, links more with Gothic art than with the Renaissance, which by this time had already made an appearance in the Spanish silver. Compare, for example, with the bernegal with handles in the form of cartons from the Museo del Prado in Madrid (catalog O00085) of the late sixteenth century, which presents the upper part carved in concave double gallons and shows vegetable prints and fruits in festoons and tapes This difference does not detract from the work, quite the contrary: it shows the attachment to the designs of simple lines and Gothic vegetal and geometric decorations that were found in the centers far from the creative capitals, whose influence can be appreciated, even in works of the Baroque.
Similar examples can be found in very few private collections and only in some important museums. For example, similar bernegales from the 16th century are preserved in the Valencia de Don Juan Foundation (Madrid), and those of the 17th century are more abundant, as shown by those of the Lázaro Galdiano Museum (inventory 3910 and 3916)."

· Size: 16x16x4 cms.

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