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Writing in turned silver, cast and chiselled, Madrid, eighteenth century (1779).
Contrast marks on the edge of the tray, on its bottom. Property mark "AL".
A tray of curved profiles is supported on four legs in the shape of plant elements. Fixed to it are the four containers that make up the desk. These, and the bell, present a magnificent decoration based on flat gallons turned on its body, base and lid.
It consists of a tray, sandbox or sandbox (to dry the ink) with bell (call the servant or the person responsible for carrying the message or written message) and three inkwells or dusters with a lid, all of which are attached by means of through screws. The profiles of the tray correspond to works of the period and style Carlos III, while the jars show part of the movement that characterized the Rococo, introducing the cleaning of lines characteristic of Neoclassicism.
In the second half of the eighteenth century, with the accession of Carlos III, Italian influences arrived at silverware once masters of this country had settled down, either as silversmiths or, in many cases, also as broncists. At the end of the century there is also an abandonment of the Rococo forms in favor of the Neoclassical style, whose particularities are appreciated in this office. These gilded forms come from decorations based on the ancient Roman art on which this second artistic style was based, as do the plant elements. Madrid would set the standard in art for being the capital of the kingdom, and the continuous movement of pieces and the relative ease in the communications and transmissions of drawings and engravings make it difficult to distinguish particular styles and trends in many cases. Also, it is necessary to emphasize the great paper in the improvement of the quality of the designs of the silverware that had the foundation of the School-Workshop by Antonio Martinez in 1778.
Presents locality brand, Madrid Court and Villa 1779, and architect.
Weight: 1850 gr."

· Size: 31x25Xx14 cms.

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