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Jug or jug. Silver. DE SAN FAURÍ, Juan (1745-1785). Spain, Madrid, towards the last third of the 18th century. With contrast and burilar marks, and property name (Ochoa). The jug has an oval base with slight curves and a body divided into two areas (wider in its lower half, slightly concave in the upper half) with a series of curved “segments”; the beak shows simple architectural decoration and smooth areas; The handle is of a type known as a brace, with classicist architectural elements; The lid follows the lines of the body and is finished with a vegetal shape creating a knob. On one of the sides, towards the foot, there is the engraved text “Ochoa”, in reference to a former owner. The contrast marks place the creation of the piece in Madrid. Another of those that appears could be one of those used by the silversmith Juan de San Faurí. With Philip V, numerous French influences came to silversmithing, along with some Italian ones, both by craftsmen from these origins and by pieces. There continues to be little marking on the works except in important centers such as Madrid, and civil typologies acquired great importance. As in the rest of the country, the Baroque, Rococo and Neoclassical trends coexisted at the Court, although, being the center that set the tone for the rest, the former soon moved away, introducing the Rococo before 1740 or on that date, and Neoclassicism around 1770 (gradually imposing itself since 1780). The jug follows the most common prototype since the arrival of the Bourbons, characterized by its European influence and by the great difference it shows with the type known as a “spout jug”. Compare it with the Francisco García cruet (inventory 03487) from the Cerralbo Museum in Madrid, with the Medina-Sidonia example (code 59906, Catalog of the Movable Heritage of Andalusia), or with examples from the National Museum of Decorative Arts, pieces conserved in Museums. and Treasures of Spanish Dioceses, etc. Weight: 1050 grams.

· Size: 17x8x26 cms.

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